Everyone has a story, but his is personal

So let me break it down for you here’s the tutorial

On the outside he’s sweet, thoughtful, and caring

On the inside he’s cold, tortured, and daring

People say he sees everything towards the light

The sun, the moon, the stars all bright

In reality he sees the darkness of everyday life

Cutting the joy out of the world with a knife

He used to be happy with life to look forward to

Now his past has left him beat up, black, and blue

People say they are there for him through thick and thin

Everyday he watches those people go gone with the wind

His blood is now boiling wanting the answers

To why he’s a minor in a field full of majors

His decision has come, he must stay or he must go

He must make the decision at the crossroads

To head left to the darkness or right to the light

Either way, he has one hell of a fight

The anger has boiled his blue eyes have turned black

He decided to go left, without looking back



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